Hi, Welcome to ELLA JOAN!

As an artist, I chose to get my degree in textile design. As a woman, with a shoe size larger than 10, finding hip, young, and comfortable shoes that fit my style was a challenge, to say the least. That is why I decided to continue my studies in shoe design. By combining these two passions, I have created the shoe brand ELLA JOAN. Included in the current collection are handbags that you can mix and match with the shoes to complete the look.

The shoes and bags feature combinations of different fabrics and prints, based on my original designs. The look is inspired by surreal and Japanese Street art.

These shoes are a twist on traditional platforms. You’ll find the prints are bold and colorful, and a bit quirky. They are handmade and vegan friendly. Every detail is carefully thought out in order to provide you with a comfortable, quality shoe, as well as a look that brings out your unique style. Choose your color palette, and express yourself in a way that is new and different.